Hayne Bayless

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Evident in Hayne Bayless’ ceramic work is the ironic interplay between form and surface. As a hand-builder extraordinaire, Bayless constructs his work from slabs of clay and exploits the use of the extruder tool. A master of this forming device, he is able to construct intricate and elaborate shapes that so often defy ceramic convention. Spiral handles are joined to geometric teapots, unusual shapes become recognizable forms, and his signature hinged lid often graces the finished pieces. Bayless exploits the plasticity of clay by stretching the slabs to accentuate surface texture and allow for a variety of decoration possibilities. Toolwork and stencils create pattern and design, slip and glazes define the texture and color. While his work is playful, he also pushes the concept of the sculptural vessel into a different, unconventional and totally satisfying new direction, and often, these new directions are the result of something unintended. 


Hayne Bayless: May 2010.