Jennifer Allen

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I am driven by the need to create beautiful, optimistic pottery.  Pottery that engages the home, the hand and the mind.  It is of utmost importance that my work is not only attractive and useful, but evokes sentiments of comfort and nourishment.  Whether it is a vase that demands flowers or pots that enrich mealtime, my work honors and commemorates the rhythms of home. 

Forms describe an awkward union between modesty and generosity.  Modest volumes transition into tailored profiles.  Generous, oversized knobs and ruffled edges punctuate endings and beginnings.  Folds, seams, darts, pinched feet and pillowed knobs record my process of making as they relate to my love of sewing.  Textures strengthen the tactile nature of the forms.  Brushed slip, carved lines, trailed under-glazes and applied glazes not only achieve a visual repetition between form and surface, but also allow for a tactile investigation of it.

The exterior surface is separated into a graphic section and a glazed section.  Inspiration for the graphic portion comes from a fondness of textile design.  I glean from post WWII textiles, Arts and Crafts Era designs and Edo period kimono fabrics as sources that historically honor and celebrate everyday life.  In contrast to the drawn portion, the glazed portion is meant to accentuate the details of the form.  Glazes are selected to break on edges and pool in recesses

This pursuit to create handmade pottery is a way for me to communicate with the home, the hand, and the mind.  Forms, surfaces and colors are chosen in order to reinforce sentiments of generosity, honesty, and optimism.  Through handmade pottery destined for the domestic landscape, I am able to convey my perceptions of beauty, mystery, nourishment and celebration.