Jim and Shirl Parmentier have been working together since 1975, designing and building their vessels as a team.  Each vessel is made with a custom high fire stoneware clay body which is transformed into vessels using coils and slabs of clays. Each shape is individually formed then altered, the surface is carved then the piece is fired. After the first firing, the bisque vessels are then glazed with various ash glazes then fired again in a gas car kiln for up to 18 hours. The glaze results with a gas kiln are always a true mystery and surprise, as mixed results will be found with each firing.

The Parmentiers say of their own work, "Our style, or our mission with our vessels is first with its form. Form and proportion must fit the flow of the vessel. It must start at the base or the foot and continue through the body of the vessel and up through the neck or the top. Almost all our forms have some type of flowing handle. Depending on shape it may fit tight to the body or flow high and loose from the vessel. With form intact, the vessel has surface alterations to conform to the shape. The ash glaze will flow into these carvings and crevasses.  With this continuity of form, alteration, carving and fluid glazes the vessel is complete".

Parmentiers Exhibition,  "Form and Proportion" opens at Plinth Gallery on First Friday, March 4, 6-9pm.