Junya Shao" Contemporary Yixing

Exhibition opens "First Friday" August 5th, 6-9pm. 

Special reception with the artist, visiting from China,  on Friday, September 16th, 6-9pm. 

Junya Shao will instruct a 2-day workshop at Plinth, September 17-18.  Contact Plinth Gallery for more information.

Junya Shao is a ceramic artist working in the Yixing teapot tradition. Her teapots reflect a strong foundation in the traditional methods of exquisite craftsmanship with careful attention to detail and design. Junya’s teapots are contemporary expressions of her own ideas about beauty and form.  Junya, who divides her time between Yixing, China and Phoenix, Arizona, often interprets contemporary imagery, while remaining respectful of Yixing tradition and history. Junya Shao’s career began with an apprenticeship in Yixing followed by studies in fine art at Jingdezhen Ceramic College. She has received numerous awards in China, Korea and the United States, including the prestigious Gold and Silver prizes in National Ceramic Art Competition in China.  Her work has been exhibited internationally and she teaches workshops when she is in the U.S. 

The roots of Yixing ceramics date back over 1000 years to the Song Dynasty. Since that time Yixing has been renowned for the elegance and function of its small teapots. Yixing has a long tradition of teapots that emulate objects of nature, creating a space for contemplation during the drinking of tea.

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