Lisa Pedolsky's handbuilt functional forms  go beyond strict utility. They are also vessels that hold personal references where a myriad of experiences and ideas reside, establishing context and giving meaning to the work.
Using influences as far ranging as childhood toys, calligraphic texts, architecture and textiles, the
thread that unites this seemingly disparate collection is function.

All of Lisa's ceramic forms are slab constructed in terra cotta, fired in oxidation to cone 04. Initially a piece is conceived as a two dimensional drawing, followed by the creation of pattern pieces - deconstructed versions of the ultimate three dimensional form - which are attached to the clay slab. Package design and dressmaking come to mind as the piece is brought to life by cutting, folding, darting and connecting. Visual and tactile depth is developed through the application of multiple layers of clay, slips, stains and glazes, and by scraping, incising and carving into the surface. This working process is slow and methodical.

"My work is intended to move from my hands to another’s, and is there that the full potential of a piece
may be found. While my forms are recognizable - a box, a bottle, a bowl - my intention is to evoke a
deeper response. Functionality - to store in, to pour from, to serve with - is the doorway, discovery is
the goal. Whether a piece reveals my source of inspiration, offers an opportunity for aesthetic
contemplation or provides the deep satisfaction that comes from interacting with a thoughtfully crafted
object, the most successful work conveys something more than the sum of its parts."

Plinth Gallery is pleased to have an extensive selection of Lisa's work.