Marko Fields

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I most often describe myself as a ceramist, though I utilize other materials and techniques. I enjoy the marriage of materials, such as combining fabricated or cast metallic elements with ceramic forms. Sometimes I establish a hierarchy of form through use of specific – and perhaps more precious – materials. Having emerged from a background as an illustrator, I utilize my 2D skills in my 3D work; it is critical that I reconcile surface decoration or treatment, with form. My imagery makes reference to a great many influences, cultural or otherwise. As well, I make frequent reference to the woven or patterned object; my respect and love of traditional craft media is enormous. My surfaces are tactile, inviting touch. My art is sometimes personal. Iconography and storytelling have become increasingly prevalent in my work; my personal vocabulary of imagery reflects my sense of mythology, spirituality and philosophy. I like to explore contrast: organic versus fabricated; soft versus hard; and emotional versus intellectual. I love to instill my work with humor, irreverence, animation and anthropomorphism. More than its functionality, I am enamoured of the metaphor of the vessel, particularly teapots or bottles, as they contain, serve and pour, significant activities when humans gather. Clearly, the sociology of vessels intrigues me.